Your content doesn’t always have to come from you

There are sources of content that you can refer to and comment on. We explore how to present them, and why.


November 9, 2017

Anyone who wants to have a blog as part of their website runs into two problems:
“What am I going to blog about?” and
“What am I going to blog about next?”

Blog content can be a challenge. But not every entry has to stem from original thought. It’s perfectly valid to do little more than draw attention to someone else’s article. (Think of it as your blog’s equivalent of Sharing on Facebook.)

As a professional, you’re already reading pertinent blogs and newsletters; this is simply part of your professional development.

When you come across an interesting article, you can simply blog:
– Why I think this article is interesting
– The first paragraph (so you can decide yourself)
– Here’s the link

You’ll find as a result of this practice that your opinion, your evaluation of someone else’s article will lead you to an original blog entry on your part.

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