Your website ain’t no oil painting, either.

Your site isn’t something that, once done, can be hung on the internet and ignored. Even a brochure site will benefit from a bit of regular attention.

January 4, 2018

You’ve spent time and possibly money on your website. You’ve either designed and built it yourself, or you’ve hired a company to do it. In either event, it’s done, it’s finished and it’s online. Now, you reckon, you can relax.


Your website, as proud as you are of it, is just the beginning. Not so much an oil painting, it’s more like a sports car. You’ve got it running, but you need to be willing to tinker with it, making improvements, adding things, tightening things, moving things about to get the most out of the effort you’ve already put in. Optimising the performance.

Despite the amount of testing you may have put into the site prior to launch, you really won’t know the reaction of the public until your site is available for all to see.

It’s then that you gather then evaluate the analytics[1] available on the traffic you get. You might find – you’ll almost certainly find – that some pages are under-performing and not being visited that much. Other pages might over-perform, seeming to be the means, the gateway, the defacto home page by which people arrive at your site.

To take advantage of this information, you need to tinker with your site. Maybe move content from a deeper page up to the Home Page. (To exacerbate a metaphor, if people are getting into your car through the rear window and not the door, maybe there’s something wrong with the door.) Or provide an appropriate link or reference to that page – just to keep visitors taking the path you want them to.

Your website is a 24-hour, 7-day-a-week representation of your company. You need it to perform to the best possible standard. To do that, a bit of maintenance is required. Make time for it.

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