A blog is for life (not just for Christmas)

Blogging requires a commitment that you have to know you can adhere to. Otherwise, it becomes a liability.

November 14, 2017

At the initial stages of working up a site for a Life Coach, the client said she wanted a Blog. She had been advised by a friend that having a blog would improve the site’s visibility and search engine results.

It’s true that, all things being equal, a site with a blog will rank better than a site without: https://blog.hubspot.com/marketing/the-benefits-of-business-blogging-ht

However, we’ve all been to that site. You know the one, where there’s a single blog entry from 2014 and nothing since. Does the company still exist? Are they just too busy to maintain their own site? Or are they… apathetic?

As the client hadn’t written a regular blog before, we suggested that she start somewhere other than her own site. We suggested writing articles for LinkedIn. It would provide a means of working on her voice, seeing if there is interest in what she writes. And if the client can’t find the time to write and post regularly, no one will notice.

Once she has proven to herself that she can maintain a blog, there’s nothing to prevent her moving the LinkedIn articles to her website, so that there is immediate content for the Blog.

As part of this Case Study, we will be monitoring and supporting the client to see if a Blog is in her best interest.