Building the headless website

Decouple your front-end from your back-end with a headless CMS

July 26, 2018

Historically, the issue with using a CMS to build a site is that you’re tied to their methodology in building the front end: templates and themes that have to bow to or work around the idiosyncrasies of the CMS.

Not any more. You can now develop a headless website. That is, you develop the website using the CMS to manage and organise the content, but the content is provided in a JSON format. This will allow you to build the front end however you like: Angular, React – even another CMS.

While the article cited deals specifically with WordPress, similar methodologies and plugins exist for most other CMSs.

Apart from the front end build no longer being restricted to the methodologies of the CMS, the other advantage is that redesigning the site is much easier, as you don’t have to rebuild the entire thing – just the front end. This decoupling of front-end from back-end allows each aspect to be evaluated independently.

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